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What is its use for me in my clinic or diagnostic centre?

This program is to allow seamless running of your center on your computer platform in which patient data, patient reports, images, and operator and referring doctor accounts are stored and easily accessed and printed whenever required. It also has additional facilities like Inventory management for stock keeping, and report and receipt generation. Multiple search keys allow you to keep tabs on the number and type of patients, daily collection, and referral patterns of doctors. It has also been provided with a number of resources to help absorb effortlessly any modality or examination upgrades, and database export

How do I get to see a demo?

Click above to download the program onto your PC. This download is a limited 30-day trial period to use and assess the program. Buy it only if you are comfortable using it.

MedPro gives you a total package for your clinic and diagnostic center. It can be customized by you if there are one or many doctors performing tests at one clinic, or one doctor doing tests/ procedures at many clinics. This package allows you to keep records of all the work you perform on one computer, allowing accurate categorization of records, and accounting accuracy.

Daily Report of Accounts & Payments
Referring Doctor Payments at a click
Billing and Admin section helps avoid pilferage
Default report generation with editing option
Referring Doctor Lists to manage referring
Graphics to check referral patterns
Inventory Management & Stock Keeping