Radio Nuclide Medicine


Teaching Websites-Ultrasound

3D Obstetrical Ultrasound 
3-D Fetal Ultrasound:  
Studies from University College London.
ArcMesa Educators:
Continuing education credit     Courses for health care professionals. 
Australian Institute of Ultrasound:
Postgraduate courses in various aspects of ultrasound imaging. 
Clinical Practice Guidelines. 
Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University:
Diagnostic ultrasound and educational courses, seminars and videotapes. 
Burwin Institute of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound:  
Home study courses in general ultrasound,    echocardiography, and vascular technology. 
Canadian Medical Libraries List 
Centers for Disease Control 
Contrast Agents (EchoGen in particular) 
Centerwatch Clinical Trials Listing Service Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants 
EduMed Corporation: 
Applied courseware for radiology nursing and allied health professionals. 
ECHOnet: Telematic Cardiovascular ImagingMagazine  Fetal Medicine:  
Fetal Medicine Unit at St Georges Hospital    Medical School, London University, UK. 
Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute:
Continuing education  ultrasound programs. 
Greg DeVore:  
Internet Fetal Echocardiography. 
Brigham and Woman's Hospital Radiology Teaching File. 
Institute for Advanced Medical Education:  
Courses in diagnostic ultrasound imaging. 
International Breast Ultrasound School:   
International educational programmes for ultrasound breast imaging. 
Jospeh Woo:
Obstetrical Ultrasound. 
Ultrasound Procedure Protocol Manual. 
Endovaginal Ultrasound and Doppler Sonography.
JUREI Courses and Conferences:  
Dates and locations.
Lansing Community College:
Diagnostic medical sonography program for technologists.
Medical Radiography:
Educational resources.
Med-Star Cardiovascular:
Hands-on training for echocardiography.
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound:  
From the University of Michigan Health System.
Ontario Medical Imaging:
On-line medical imaging resource centre specialising in musculoskeletal ultrasound.
Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies:  
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformation course.
Physician's Guide to the Internet
Programme Listing Abnormality on Prenatal Ultrasound. 
St. Paul's Hospital:
Ultrasound artefacts. 
Tidewater Community College:   
Diagnostic medical sonography program in the Virginia Beach area
The Virtual Hospital
A site dedicated to the fetus.
U.S. National Library of Medicine
University of California San Francisco: 
Clinical ultrasound cases.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine: 
Fetal Echocardiography.
University of Washington:
Teaching File.
University of Alberta:
Ultrasound teaching file.
World Health Organisation:



Teaching Sites - MRI

Basics of MRI
CalTech - Human Brain Project
Harvard - Whole Brain Atlas
Indications for MRI
International MR Safety
Johns Hopkins University
NIH Guidelines for MRI
Shields Health Care
UCSD - NMR Spectroscopy
University of Florida - MRI Tutor
University of Michigan - Renal MRA
University of Pennsylvania
VAMC Gainesville


Teaching Sites - Radio Nuclide Medicine 

Atlas of Brain Perfusion SPECT.
Atlas of Myocardial Perfusion SPECT.
Georgia Institute of Technology.
LUNIS Library.
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.
Nuclear Medicine - a textbook.
Nuke It!
Nuclear Medicine at LARG*net.
Physical Characteristics of NM Images.
The Nuclear Pharmacy
Tokai University.
University of Arizona - FastSpect.
University of Texas HSC San Antonio.
University of Utah.


Teaching Websites-PET. 

Austin Center for PET
Clinical Pet Centre of Guy's & St.Thomas
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
DKFZ Heidelberg
Emory University
Institute for Clinical PET
Lausanne-Geneva PET Group
Massachusetts General Hospital