Paediatric Radiology

Case 20 :
2 yr female child with difficulty in swallowing..
Dr Ravi Kadasne, UAE
Case 19 :
A single CT image is provided for diagnosis.
Dr Muneesh Sharma, Goa
Case 18 :
One month old child, with persistant crying. History of umbilical discharge a few days after birth
Dr. Vikas Arora, Ferozepur
Case 17 :
A young boy presents with fever and sore throat of 15 days duration.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan, Bangalore
Case 16 :
7-year-old boy presents with a right iliac fossa lump.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani, Mumbai
Case 15 :
An 8-year-old male presents with a cystic midline swelling that moves superiorly on deglutition.
Dr. Alan Andrade, Mumbai
Case 14 :
A child presents with delayed milestones, and loss of head control.
Dr Deepak Patkar
Case 13 :
A 3-year-old female presents with a neck mass.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 12 :

Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 11 :
A 19-day-old male child with history of birth asphyxia
Dr. Alpana Joshi
Case 10 :
A 5-day-old child presents with a neck swelling.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 9 :
Post-natal scan of a day-old neonate.
Dr. Alpana Joshi
Case 8 :
A 9-year-old male presents with headaches and vomiting.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 7 : 
young male (11 years) presented with convulsions and headaches of 2 months duration.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan

Case 6 :  
A 4-month-old boy with convulsions.
Dr. Deepak Patkar 

Case 5 :  
11-year-old girl presents with acute pain in abdomen
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 4
6 year old male child with tenderness and weakness of lower extremities
Dr. Vinod Naneria
Case 3 :  
A 6 year old female, operated for a posterior fossa tumour
Dr.B K Nayak
Case 2 : 
Young girl with recurrent attacks of abdominal colic (USG)
Dr Sanjeev Mani, Dr R Chokhani, Dr N Nanavati
Case 1 :  
Young girl with pain in abdomen (USG)