Guidelines for X-Ray Installations

Reviewed by IndianRadiologist

This is a basic guideline review for installations of Diagnostic Radiology as under the revised recommended AERB Guideleines.



No two X-Ray Equipments in the same room

Ideally the reception area should be away from ultrasound area (or pregnant patients/ baby areas)

Power should be 3 phase for 200 mA units and above - Ideally separate electric line for X-Ray is recommended

For CR, cassettes should not be stored in the same room

Changing room/ area should be provided

Radiation Protection for Technical staff is required - Lead aprons/ TLD badge for monitoring


Room size should be as per AERB Guidelines 

Walls should be 225 mm of brick (at least) - this protection against primary radiation should be done upto 8 feet,

If not brick, then lead lining (2.0 mm Lead)

Doors should be single lead - lead lined similarly

X-Ray chest stand should be away from the door/ reception arera so beam is directly in opposite direction

Space for CR system, printer should be separately provided in a niche/ adjoining room


Similar guidelines as per X-Ray

Sonography room should be close by

Female Technicians are reqd as patient is more comfortable

DICOM or Dark Room - so dark room arrangements should be done adjacent

Changing room with small drawer for personal items