Bio-X Xray Viewer

Reviewed by IndianRadiologist

There have been many X-ray viewers that have made their way to India, from across the border, and Europe. Many manufacturers have also tried a winning formula with local materials, but no company has really had staying power in this department be it for lack of branding, or just a lukewarm response from radiologists who prefer to read images from screens anyways!Another new fledgling company has come up with an X-Ray viewer thats slightly different from others: how? Well, for starters it has an LED display and also, a price tag that dosent burn a hole in your pocket!Bio-X has introduced a new viewer the Bio-X Xray Viewer that we review today.

Weve seen the single film viewer that has a gray border on the vertical aspect, and easily accommodates a 17 x 14 inch film, with direct illumination switch coming on as we slip the image onto the viewer.

Good ideas are the customized settings of illumination thats available, so that you can set your illumination to your choice. The power button is at the bottom with the +/- buttons on top to allow for

increasing or decreasing the illumination.

The S button helps to set your illumination to your desired level. The illumination is truly brilliant and while we sat and compared it to regular x-ray viewing boxes (2), the Bio-X lighting was uniform and crystal clear.

There are no negatives on the device as its easy to use, enables clear viewing, direct switch off on removing the film, and is backed by a one year warranty on the LED.

Perhaps the biggest positive is its pricing that starts at INR 11,000 for the single film viewer, and INR 18,000 for the double film viewer.

With pricing just a few notches over the regular boxes, we expect this device making a mark inhospitals andprivate Radiology clinics across the state, if marketed correctly.