Siemens S2000

Reviewed by IndianRadiologist

Of all the newer ultrasound models on display at the recently held IRIA conference in New Delhi and Ultrafest 2011, the machine that stood out with its pretty nifty applications was the Siemens S 2000. Recently launched in India, it has added a new twist to the sonologist's weapon list by using ARFI that stands for Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse.

WHAT ! is what you will say, but the advantage of ARFI is that it allows quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness - its application is thus far ranging, from assessing liver to differentiate between fatty tissue and cirrhosis or prostate or breast tissues as well. The liver application seems promising, with a commercial plus for those using this device as all potential patients with fatty liver or chronic liver disease will queue up to establish the whether a stiff drink is affecting the "stiffness of the liver".

S2000. The only machine with ARFI

All commerce kept aside, the machine is pretty to look at with the knobs placed to near - perfection. The keyboard seems a touch far away to use and not really at arms length. B mode is great and the color doppler after a few adjustments including an auto optimization (its an optional!) works very well.

You need to stretch a bit to get hold of all the keys on the keyboard. Another small irritant is during filling of the LMP, you need to press the TAB key to move the cursor forward on the day, month, year entries.

The color seems a tad below the levels attained by the iu22, but the multiple applications as well as the impressive screen more than make up for it. The price band also is much lower than that of the iU22. Other applications include sSIE touch, Casence contrast pulse sequencing technology and also ultrasound contrast related applications.

This machine is probably in the S class range of ultrasound systems, and unless other ultrasound companies come up with a quick solution to the ARFI application, this machine may move ahead in the upper end premium ultrasound division in the next few quarters.