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Case 4 :
A 26 year old pregnant female presents with a breast lump.
What is the diagnosis?
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Diagnosis Lactating adenoma

Lactating adenoma is a benign tumour of breat occuring during pregnancy and in the post partum period. It's origin is controversial. It is supposed to be a variant of tubular adenomas, fibroadenoma, or lobular hyperplasia, that reflects physiological changes occuring due to pregnancy.
Grossly, it is well circumscribed, yellowor tan coloured, and firm and rubbery, anddoes not have a true capsule.
Clinically, it is generally located in the anterior portion of the breast, and is firm, mobile and non-tender on physical examination. Sonographically, it is usually oval, sharply circumscribed solid mass with prominent central tubular structures (dilated ducts).

Contribution : Dr Alpana Joshi, BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai