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Case 2 :
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A 28 year old female, a primi came for first antenatal scan at 8 months amenorrhoea.
What is your diagnosis ?



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Answer : Short, deformed long bone

Diagnosis : Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI)

OI is divided into four main categories, type IIa and IIc are characterised by significant undermineralisation while type I and IV usually manifest in childhood and are rarely amenable for antenatal diagnosis. Individuals affected by type III or type III / IV are usually born with fractures and there is progressive deformity in childhood. Antenatal diagnosis on USG includes multiple intra uterine long bone fractures, deformed short limbs, reduced fetal movements, and marked undermineralization of skull.


Contribution : Dr. Alpana Joshi, BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India