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Case 1 :
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Routine obstetric scan performed in a 25 year old (6 months amenorrhoea). A 10 cm iso-hypoechoic lesion was seen on the fetal surface of placenta; it was vascular on Doppler study,
also noted was polyhydramnios; a follow up scan performed at 34-35 weeks showed fetal ascites, pleural and pericardial effusion, and subcutaneous edema. The placental lesion remained unchanged.
What is the diagnosis ?

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Diagnosis : Placental chorioangioma

Chorioangioma is a benign vascular malformation that acts as a A-V shunt, bypassing the normal placental tissue.
Pathologically, small chorioangiomas can be identified in 1% of placentas, but these are not large enough to be clinically significant. Larger lesions are less common, 1:3500 to 1:20,000 births.
Sonographically, they are usually seen as circumscribed solid or complex masses protruding from the fetal surface of placenta. Complications include polyhydramnios, preterm labour, fetal hydrops, IUGR, and fetal demise.

Contribution : Dr. Alpana Joshi, BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India