OBGY Radiology

Case 24:
A 45 year old man presented with long standing shoulder pain.
Dr Paresh Desai, Goa

Case 23:
A 27 week HIV seropositive pregnant patient with PET presented
Dr Paresh Desai, Goa

Case 22:
An obstetric MRI has been performed in a primigravida at 24 week gestation.
Dr Paresh Desai, Goa

Case 21:
Thirty four year old female presented for antenatal sonography at 33 weeks of gestation.
Dr Paresh Desai, Goa

Case 20:
Multiplanar MRI of fetus performed following an antenatal ultrasound of a 30 year old lady at 28 weeks gestation.
Dr Sona Pungavkar

Case 19 :
Dr Sona Pungavkar

Case 18 :
Antenatal scan.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Case 17 :
A 24-year-old female presented with irregular bleeding PV

Case 16 :
Antenatal scan.
Dr Latha Natrajan

Case 15 :
Antenatal scan of 26 weeks.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Case 14 :
A 23-year-old female, newly-married, presents with lower abdominal pain of 2 months duration.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Case 13 :
Antenatal scan of 17 weeks. Diagnosis please!
Dr. Sanjeev Mani

Case 12 :
Routine OBGY scan. Diagnosis please!
Dr. Latha Natrajan

Case 11 :
G3/A2 mother, consanguineous marriage.
Dr. L Raghunath. / Dr Ramamurthy.

Case 10 :
A 35-year-old female presents for a routine second trimester scan.
Dr. Sabih, Karachi.

Case 9 :
31-year-old infertile female with 2 months amenorrhoea (USG)
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 8 : 
A 55-year-old female, with history of pelvic mass
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 7 :
30-year-old female presents with bleeding PV
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 6 :
32-year-old female with right pelvic pain

Dr. Nikhil Cunha
Case 5 :
35-year-old female with pain in lower abdomen
Dr. Deepak Patkar
Case 4 :
A 26 year old pregnant female presents with a breast lump.
Dr Alpana Joshi
Case 3 :
Antenatal scan
Dr. Joe Antony
Case 2 :
Antenatal scan (USG)
Dr Alpana Joshi
Case 1 :
Antenatal scan (USG)
Dr Alpana Joshi
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