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The username and password I use regularly on this site are not working here. Why?
The other password-protected applications on this site are not related to the e-mail based services provided. Even if you are a Member, and regularly use a username & password, you will have to re-register for the e-mail services.
Can I choose the same Username & Password which I regularly use?
Yes, you can choose the same username & password, if it is still available.
If not, you may have to choose another username and password for the e-mail services.
I have forgotten my E-Mail Username / Password 
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This service is open to all, even those who are not members of our site, or even if you do not subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
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The username & password for email services will work only for reading your mail, and not on any other password-protected applications on this site such as Directory, Shopping Cart and Modify Your Profile. To access these services, you will have to sign in as Member.
You can sign up as Member either in the Radiologist Directory (if you want your personal and clinic details, as well as e-mail ID to be displayed to members) or as a User if you are not a Radiologist or if as a Radiologist, you do not want your personal details to be made available for viewing.
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