The name of the Association is INDIAN RADIOLOGICAL & IMAGING ASSOCIATION hereafterin called the Association.
2.     The permanent headquarters of the Association shall be at ait's own building at IRIA House, C-5, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi - 110016 ( Phone 6965598 ) and will be looked after by the Administrative Officer. All the routine matters,liaison with the Govt. etc. will be done by the Administrative Officer under instructions from the Secretary General.


3.      The promote the study, practice of Radio-diagnosis , Ultrasound , C.T. , M.R.I. ( N.M.R.) and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine , Radiotherapy , Oncology, Radio-Biology, Radiation Medicine and Interventional Radiology.
4.      (a) The Association , its Official Journal and Indian College of Radiology & Imaging will be a non-profitable organisation for promotion of Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound , C.T.,M.R.I. (N.M.R.) and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine ,Radiotherapy, Oncology, Radio-Biology, Radiation Medicine and interventional Radiology.
      (b) To protest and preserve the interest of members.
      (c) To assist Government and non-government agencies in matters pertaining to Radiology and Medical Imagging.


      For the attainment and furtherance of these objectives, the Association may :
5.      Hold periodical meetings and conferences of the members of the Association.
6.      Arrange from time to time Conferences , lectures,discussions and Workshops on any aspect of Radio-diagnosis, Ultrasound, C.T.,M.R.I.( N.M.R.) and other Imaging Modalities, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Oncology , Radio-Biology, Radiation Medicine and Interventional Radiology.
7.      Publish and circulate a Scientific journal to be named the INDIAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY & IMAGING and also publish and circulate News Bulletin of IRIA.
8.      Publish from time to time transactions and other papers embodying researches conducted by the members under the auspices of the Association, either in the Official Journal INDIAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY & IMAGING and NEWS BULLETIN or as a SUPPLEMENT or as deemed fit.
9.      Maintain a library, Radiology Museum and an Association office and/or Hournal Office/College Office. Collect Historical records and preserve these in the library.
10.    Subscribe to the various Hournals in India and abroad. Necessary permission from the Government will be taken as and when required.
11.    Encourage research in Radiological and Allied Sciences with grants out of the funds of the Association or from donations received.
12.    Purchase, take lease of, or otherwise acquire, hold, manage, let, sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose off movable or immovable property of every description and all rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of Association and the official Journal and College Office and in particular and land, building, furniture, house-hold or other effects, conveyance and accommodation and when deemed necessary or desirable in the interest of the Association, sell, demise, let, hire out, mortgage, transfer of otherwise dispose off the same in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Societies Act 21 of 1860 or as amended from time to time.
13.    To acquire, construction, improve or alter and maintain building or buildings on behalf of and for the Association.
14.    To accept endowments and grants from the national or international, offical or non-official, sponsored by the government or other charitable or similar institutions, foundation, etc. or from individuals to adbance the aims and objectives and purposes of the Association and the Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging and Indian College of Radiology & Imaging.
15.    To borrow or raise money, collect subscriptions, donations for the Association and the Indian Hournal of Radiology & Imaging and Indian College of Radiology & Imagin in such a manner as the Association may deem fit.
16.    To invest any money of the Association or the Journal or the College or proceeds from the movable and/or immovable properties of the Association if not immediately required by the Association, and to withdraw the same in the manner provided by law.
17.    To assist, subscribe to, or co-operate or affiliate or be affiliated to or amalgamate with any other public body, whether incorporated, registered or not, and having altoghtersimilar or in part, objectives similar to those of the Association without losing the identity of the parent body.
18.    To create or assist in creating branches for any of the purposes aforesaid for the aims & objects for which the Association stands.
19.    To do all such other things as are cognate to the objectives of the Association or are incidental or condusive to the attainment of the above objectives.
20.    In case of a dispute between the member and the Association, the matter will be submitted to a Sub-committee appointed by the President of the State / Centre. The decision of the Sub-Committee shall be binding and final.


All the legal disputes will be settled within the Judicial Territorial Jurisdiction of the Central Office.