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1. Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses are seen in?

strawberry gall bladder    neoplasms    adenomyomatosis ascaris infection

2. In children, gas in the portal vein is seen in?

necrotizing enterocolitis    hepatoblastomas hepatitisnone of these

3.Which of these conditions is associated with pancreatic calcification?

gall stone disease  cystic fibrosis   brucellosis mumps

4.Emphysematous cholecystitis is associated with which condition?

diabetes    hypertension   hepatitis urinary tract infection

5.Progressive sytemic sclerosis is also known as

rheumatoid arthritis    scleroderma   Ankylosing spondylitis none of these

6.Which of these conditions predisposes to carcinoma of the colon?

ulcerative colitis    crohn's disease  ileocecal tuberculosissicke cellanaemia

7.Cobblestone pattern of bowel is seen in

carcinoma   Crohn's disease  erythema nodosum pericholangitis

8.Commonest primary abdominal neoplasm in children (of these)

Wilm's tumor    hepatoblastoma   cardiac rhabdomyomas none of the above