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Spot the diagnosis and answer a few questions on the disease, MRI of a young boy with convulsions.
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1. How does one get cysticercosis

2. Do fresh water fish and salmon carry tapeworm

3. Where does the adult tapeworm live?

4. What is the shape of cysticercosis in muscle?


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Ans 1 : Through tapeworm infection by eating raw or undercooked meat of infected animals, T. saginata (beef) and T. solium (portk), and also throught unwashed, infected vegetables.

Ans 2 : Yes, Diphyllobothrium latum

Ans 3: In man in the upper jejunum. The eggs hatch in the intestine and larvae migrate into the tissues. If any migration occurs to the brain, it causes neurocysticercosis.

 Ans 4: Oval





5.Encephalitic form of neurocysticercosis is common in children or adults?

6. How does cysticercosis look on CT

7. What is the treatment of choice?

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ANS 5: Children

ANS 6: It shows a ring - enhancing lesion with surrounding edema and may show an eccentrically placed hyperdense scolex (common finding)

ANS 7 : Albendazole