Cool Deal


Laminated Sheets for Printer Pictures are now available at reduced rates!
Two sizes are available:


Rs.3750/- for 1000 sheets (BIG SIZE)

These rates are inclusive of Tax + Delivery Charges + Bill

Size: 11 inches X 6.5 inches


Rs.2700/- for 1000 sheets (NORMAL SIZE)

These rates are inclusive of Tax + Delivery Charges + Bill

Size: 11 inches X 3.33 inches (see pic)


The sheets will be delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost.

How to Order

Click here to Order now

Send the web host an email about the type of sheet and amount you need.

Do note that the minimum order is 1000 sheets.

Send in your complete address for delivery.

An email will be sent back to you within 2-3 days confirming the order, a job number will be assigned to you. You then need to send a demand draft / cheque in the name of SUJOY RADMART PVT. LTD. payable in Mumbai. Please quote Job No. behind the cheque / draft.

This draft/ cheque should be sent preferably by registered post to the following address:


1st Floor, Jain Arcade

CD Marg, Khar

Mumbai 400052

As soon as the demand draft is received, the material will be delivered to you, within 2 weeks time. This facility is available in India only.

For any further queries, contact the Head Office at 022-6463666 or 98200-25312

(Mumbai). Please quote Job Number for reference.


Terms of Service 

This facility is provided on a no-profit basis by your fellow Radiologists. Do not misuse the services or fool around with false orders. Indian is not responsible for loss of cheque/ demand draft due to postal inefficiency or acts of God or any such problem due to which we do not receive the draft/ cheque. We encourage you to use registered post/ courier services for mailing the cheque / drafts. Delivery of goods is subject to realization of cheque. These services and discounts offered can be terminated without notice. Goods once delivered will not be taken back. For any complaints / goods not received in time, call Head Office at 022-6463666 or 98200-25312. Please quote Job Number as reference.