Case 14 :
Polyorchidism,a rare congenital anomaly.
Dr Sanjeeb Sharma

Case 13 :
MRI and disc disease: Review
Dr. Deepak Patkar, MRI Centre, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

Case 12 :
How and why Radiologists get sued: your turn next?
Dr. Jashanjot Singh Bhangu, Jallandar

Case 11 :
Imaging in Adrenal hemorrhage: Review & Protocol
Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 10 : 
Ocular Ultrasound
Dr. Rajesh Mayekar, MD
Case 9 :
CME: Deep Venous Thrombosis: Recent Trends
Dr. Rahul Sachdev
Case 8 :
Seminal Vesicle Cysts: Discussion & Imaging Findings
Dr. Rahul Sachdev
Case 7 :
Renal Doppler- Evaluation of Renal Artery Stenosis

Dr. Alpana Joshi
Case 6 :
Neck Vessel Doppler
Dr. Alpana Joshi
Case 5 :
Neck Vessel Doppler
Dr. Rahul Sachdev, Dr. Alpana Joshi
Case 4 : 
Talk of Future in Oncology
Dr. Manoj Sharma  & Dr. Mabruk Ali Mohammed 
Case 3 :
Ultrasound of the Shoulder Joint
Dr. Rahul Sachdev

Case 2 :
Ectopic pregnancy: Overview
Dr. Alpana Joshi

Case 1 :
Control of tubercular hemoptysis by bronchial artery embolization.