Case 21 :
20 year old male undergoes routine abdominal sonography
Dr Paresh Desai, Goa, Nitin Shetty
Case 20 :
20 year old male undergoes routine abdominal sonography
Dr. Paresh Desai, Goa
Case 19:
CT pics of a 40-year-old female. Asymptomatic

Case 18:
Young kid with an x-ray and MR picture.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan

Case 17 :
An adult male presented with mild dysphagia.
Dr Santosh Rai,

Case 16 :
A 60-year-old female presents with repeated attacks of respiratory tract infection.

Case 15 :
A 13-year-old female presents with loss of weight.
Dr. Rajesh Mayekar, Vasai

Case 14 :
A 12-year-old female admitted with cardiac failure.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan

Case 13 :
A 22-year-old female, a smoker, with a short history of respiratory tract
Dr. Nikhil Cunha
Case 12 :
A young child presents with an opaque hemithorax on a routinely performed.
Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 11 :
A 65-year-old male smoker presents with hemoptysis and chest pain
Dr. Ashok Raghavan
Case 10 :
A 52-year-old man, presented with history of chest pain and sweating.
Dr. Abhimanyu Kelkar
Case 9:
The patient is a known case of acute myelogenous leukemia on chemotherapy, with prolonged aplasia.
Dr. Narayani, Dr Sanjeev Mani

Case 8:
40-year-old female presents with breathlessness of one-month duration.
Dr. Sanjeev Mani
Case 7:
A 20-year old lady presented with a 3-day history of vomiting and cough following social drinking.
Dr. Bhujang Pai
Case 6 : 
65-year-old male with acute chest pain
Dr. Deepak Patkar
Case 5 :  
A 13 year old boy with non-resolving consolidation
Dr Ashok Raghavan
Case 4 :  
Young Man with dysphagia
Dr Ashok Raghavan
Case 3 : 
Young male with chest discomfort (MRI)
Dr. Deepak Patkar.
Case 2 :  
Young girl with dyspnoea (CT)
Dr Amarnath Sortur, Dr Kiron Master
Case 1 :  
Young girl with loss of weight (X-ray)
Dr. Rahul Sachdev