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What is Med Pro?

MedPro is a new innovative software program for patient management. This software has been designed for practicing doctors & Radiologists with private clinics and diagnostic centers

What is its use for me in my clinic or diagnostic centre?

This program is to allow seamless running of your center on your computer platform in which patient data, patient reports, images, and operator and referring doctor accounts are stored and easily accessed and printed whenever required. It also has additional facilities like Inventory management for stock keeping, and report and receipt generation. Multiple search keys allow you to keep tabs on the number and type of patients, daily collection, and referral patterns of doctors. It has also been provided with a number of resources to help absorb effortlessly any modality or examination upgrades, and database export

How do I get to see a demo?

Click here to download the program onto your PC. This download is a limited 15-day trial period to use and assess the program. Buy it only if you are comfortable using it.

How do I list my referring doctors?

Click on the referring doctor’s option in the Admin Menu. The window that opens up allows you to feed in Doctor’s names, their qualification, address, contact numbers, and standard incentive referral fees. Click on ADD once you finish entering the details. These details are stored away in the database. Doctor’s names are displayed alphabetically in the Referring Doctor’s column while entering patient details.

Can I alter the referring doctor’s details?

Changes can be made in the doctor’s details by double-clicking on the doctor’s name on the list, making your changes, and then clicking on update. The changes made by you get updated in the list.

How can I get referring doctor payment lists out of this program?

Click on Referring Doctor payments in ADMIN section, and type in the doctor’s name and time-period of the patients that have been referred. A master chart (that can also be printed) appears detailing the entire list of patients referred.

Can I have an appointment listing for my patients, or for patients who are to see different consultants in one clinic?

Yes, this can be done.

The Doctor (Operator) or receptionist of the clinic can add / edit and delete appointments; this is managed on a daily basis.

Click on appointments to open the window: click on ADD, this opens a news window to enter patient name and date/time, and save the entry. Appointments can be given to different doctors working in the same clinic, by choosing from list of DOCTOR (OPERATOR) entered.

To Edit any Appointment simply double click on the entry. A new Edit Window will come up providing the option to edit the Appointment Entry.

How can I manage the various tests I perform in my clinic?

The tests (modalities) that are performed by you are entered in Examination Manager (ie for Radiologists: x-ray, ultrasound, Doppler etc) and for each of these menus, a sub-menu is created by you under perform in EXAMINATION MANAGER (by double-clicking on the examination), After entering the different types of tests and their costs (ie xray: you will add: chest, KUB, spine etc), the tests are automatically displayed in the ADD PATIENT section while you enter in patient details. This way, any additional modality acquired by you, or new tests that you perform with your existing modalities, or changes in costing can be easily managed without major hassles, within no time.

How can I change costs of tests in my clinic?

Its simple! Enter EXAMINATION MANAGER, and then choose the test (entered under PERFORM), by double-clicking on it. Just change the fee as you want to, and then click on UPDATE to make the changes valid. All future billing and display for this particular test will now read as per the updated fee structure. All test charges can hence be changed as per your decision (ie if you want to change x-ray charges, but not sonography it can be done, or you wish to change charges of just 2 types of tests in x-ray, not all, it can be done!

How do I generate reports for the tests performed?

Report Manager allows you to type in default reports under various test headings. This default report gets tagged to patient depending on the type of test performed for that patient. For example, if a patient is getting an x-ray chest done, details are entered in ADD PATIENT, add is clicked to enter details, then double-click on patient name from patient list display, and then click on report. Default report gets displayed, and can be edited if required, saved, and then printed (with / without letterhead printing options).

How can I maintain an Inventory with this program?

All items used in your clinic (films, contrast) can be entered in inventory manager, by adding item and quantity in STOCK. This gets automatically accounted once you keep maintaining RECORD in ADD PATIENT, by clicking on STOCK, and mentioning the items used per patient. A random check of stock can also be performed by clicking on INVENTORY MANAGER.

Can I generate a bill from the program?

Yes, a bill can be generated. Activate the patient file from the Register by double-clicking it, and then click on RECEIPT. The fees paid by the patient and test performed are displayed in the default bill window that opens up. Fees, test can be modified by you (in case of multiple tests done), and amount entered in the bill can also be changed (use refresh button). A hard copy can be printed with/ without your name/ clinic details, as required.

How do the graphs help me?

Graphs have been added to this program to help you analyze referral trends to your clinic, seeing your collection on a daily basis, and referral patterns of doctors sending you work: the amount of work sent in rupees, and your top 10 referrers. Click on statistics for the information you seek!

Can I make more than 2 entries from stock?

You can adjust the number of items used from stock for your patient, however only 2 items from stock can be adjusted against one patient entry. Ie if you are performing an xray KUB, and are using one 12 x 15 film, and one 8 x 10 film, entries can be made in stock.
However, if you are performing a test where 3 different types of film and a contrast (that you are accounting in stock) are used, than you can account only 2 items out of these 3 in one patient entery (in add patient). The other item (s) can be accounted by re-entering patient details in ADD PATIENT entry, if required.

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Windows based program. System requirements are Pi, 32 MB RAM, Windows 95 or higher, Minimum space 16 MB
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